Oil Interceptor (Separator) / Holder (Trap)

What is Oil Interceptor (Separator) / Holder (Trap)?
  • The oil holder or oil interceptor is a device that prevents the entry of solid wastes and oils into the municipal sewer system in the wastewater ducts (Pimaş, PVC Pipes) with the simplest explanation.

What is Oil Interceptor?
  • Solid oil, oil, starch, flammable wastes such as petroleum, etc. contained in the liquid wastes of the building or structure sewage system, sand, sediments and other harmful substances damage building or building installations, sewerage, treatment plant. It is necessary to separate these wastes from sewage installations. Equipment that performs this separation is called INTERCEPTOR.

Why Should a Oil Interceptor Be Used?
  • Any facility that produces wastewater is obliged to rehabilitate the liquids which are harmful and have unpleasant odor and which can damage the plumbing by passing them through the appropriate operations before giving to the system. Workplaces with this potential have to use an oil interceptor in accordance with DIN 4040/DIN EN 1825 for the removal of oil from waste water. Otherwise, wastewater containing oil and the small particles in them can cause narrowing and corrosion of the pipes and clogging of the wastewater system, which can result in huge financial losses.

Interceptors are grouped into three main groups:
Oil Interceptors - it separates animal fats and oils.
  • Petroleum Interceptors - it separates mineral liquid origin oil, diesel, fuel oil, lubricating oil and machine oil.
  • Special Interceptors
  • Intended Use

Oil interceptors ensure that animal and vegetable oils are retained without reaching the city drainage system. Therefore, these devices should be used in commercial and industrial facilities where animal and vegetable oils are used or produced.
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Canteens
  • Hospitals
  • Food factories
  • Margarine factories
  • Oil production facilities
  • Dormitories
  • Meat production facilities
  • Butchers
The head is easy to installation, durable and robust and can be used in the most rigorous applications of the installation sector.
The head material provides continuous operation at high temperatures.
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The head can be used on the ground.
Oil Interceptor (Separator) / Holder (Trap) - SFR

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