Water and Septic Tanks
Storage tanks are produced in Turkey, with German and French technical knowledge.
● Underground applications.
● Under the areas such as parking area.
● In the places where the housing is not allowed.
● In the sensitive locations where sealing is essential such as water basins.

● Storage of drinking water, utility water, rain water, fire water, landscape water.
● Storage of cooling water, process chemicals, etc. in enterprises.
● Collection of garbage leaking water in the solid waste landfills.
● Waste water supply station.
● Settling and reactor tank in package treatment systems.
● Rain water tank.
● Sealed septic tank.

● HDPE storage tanks are not affected by acid and base compositions contained in black wastewater, and are not irritate.
● These are absolutely leakproof.
● Depending on the requirements, the connection space for the installation of the diffuser and other equipment in the tank can be prepared.
● In the septic storage, waste water is stored in cool conditions and odor formation remains at a minimum.
● The noise pollution caused by the pumps in the treatment operations remains at a minimum.
● In biological treatment operations, bacteria are protected from extreme temperatures and optimum living conditions are ensured.
● Thanks to the flat internal walls of the storage tank, especially in the septic operations, the sewage truck is allowed to discharge the storage tank completely.
Water and Septic Tanks - SFR

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