1.  Do you have tanks with different diameters and geometries?

No. The standard outer diameter of the AT-204 series tanks is 2.024 mm, roughly 2 meters.

2.  Are your tanks suitable for aboveground use?

The stands under the tank are not designed to carry loads. The sole task of the stands is to ensure that the tank does not roll during transport and that the tank stands stable when it is lowered to the pit. The stands can carry empty weight of the tank, but can not resist the burden arising when the tank is filled with water/liquid etc., it crushes and causes the tank to roll. If the perimeter of the tank is fed up to 70 cm above the ground, this solution will not be economical, although aboveground application can be possible. Aboveground vertical or horizontal polyethylene tanks are manufactured as single-walled and by rotary molding method. For detailed information: www.ephesusplastik.com

3.  Is there on-site production and installation?

No. The AT-204 series tanks are not modular, they are solid. The tanks are manufactured in our factory in Bursa and shipped over the vehicle to the application area.

4.  What can be stored?

Polyethylene is used to store dozens of chemical substances. Please contact us for a detailed list.

5.  Can the mechanical room be made larger?

The mechanical room can be made longer.

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