Who is SFR ?

You can store your drinking water without any problems thanks to the hygienic, food-grade, long-life polyethylene-made tanks. There is no danger of leakage from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside. It is earthquake resistant. It does not cause odor and it is antifouling. 

We equip the SFR Waste Water Treatment Systems which are robust, impact resistant, designed according to special needs with mass production logic, striking a wide range of people's fancy from houses of 4 persons to large sites with the appropriate size and various accessories as needed, and put at the disposal of our customers. 

SFR makes its production in Bursa with the cooperation of esteemed companies which have many years experience in the field, such as RIKUTEC and INCOVEST in Germany.  

SFR is a multinational corporation established in Bursa with the cooperation of the following company and its specialization is underground water storage, rainwater harvesting and domestic treatment.

RIKUTEC located in Altenkirchen, Germany is an innovative company that operates internationally and specializes in blow molding techniques. RIKUTEC manufacturing industrial, commercial and sportive plastic products, as well as machinery manufacturing and complete plant installation is the leading European manufacturer in underground plastic water tanks.

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