Kontrol Dünyası / June - July 2016 Interview
  • First of all, can we get briefly information about your institution, your solutions and your products?
SFR Su Teknolojileri A.Ş. was established in Bursa in 2010 with the cooperation of two foreign companies which have been operating abroad for many years and are the leading companies in Europe in the sector of industrial, commercial and sportive plastic products and underground plastic water warehouses, as well as machine manufacturing and complete plant installation. Our areas of expertise include underground drinking, handling and waste water storage, rainwater collection and projecting and installation of small or large treatment plants. 75% of our company belongs to the Incovest, a logistics and investment company based in Luxembourg, and 25% belongs to Rikutec, a German manufacturer of plastic and machinery. As SFR, we offer installation of underground water storage and septic storage in addition to package SFR Water technology which purifies the gray water from the bathrooms or toilets and allows them to be used in certain areas. "THE COLLECTION, STORAGE AND EVALUATION OF RAINWATER IS AN EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE METHOD IN TERMS OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND WATER RESOURCES AS WELL AS ECONOMIC GAIN.”
  • Would you give information about your solutions and products that you offer as SFR?
Would you believe that you could have buried a 50-ton underground water reservoir or a septic tank in your garden in a short time like a day and that you would not lose any space on the ground and in the building for this and that you could even turn the upper surface warehouse on to the parking area? Yes this is now possible and it is used in this way in many parts of Turkey. Additionally, we offer package treatment systems that allow you to treat and recycle water from the bathrooms or toilets (gray water) in certain places (from 1 up to 1000 persons) that allow you to recycle water from the bathrooms or toilets (gray water) again and again in certain places. Finally, we can offer you rainwater harvesting systems. It is also very important to correctly store the water as our life source as well as its use correctly.
  • Can water come in a healthy way to the storage? If so, is it sufficient that the waters are only stored in storage? What are the factors that influence the water in the storage?
You can store your drinking water without any problems thanks to the hygienic, food-grade, long-life polyethylene-made tanks. There is no danger of leakage from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside. It is earthquake resistant. It does not cause odor and it is antifouling. Particularly, groundwater storage and rainwater harvesting are important issues.
Kontrol Dünyası / June - July 2016 Interview - SFR

Kontrol Dünyası / June - July 2016 Interview,