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​The solution for storing the water is under the ground


The aim of the LEED document we have received for the central building of our institution which serves in the direction of sustainability principles is both to prove that what we do is confirmed by an official institution and to allow our employees to work in a healthier building…
  • First of all, can we get briefly information about your institution, your solutions and your products?

SFR Su Teknolojileri A.Ş. was established in Bursa in 2010 with the cooperation of two foreign companies which have been operating abroad for many years and are the leading companies in Europe in the sector of industrial, commercial and sportive plastic products and underground plastic water warehouses, as well as machine manufacturing and complete plant installation.

Our areas of expertise include underground drinking, handling and waste water storage, rainwater collection and projecting and installation of small or large treatment plants. 75% of our company belongs to the Incovest, a logistics and investment company based in Luxembourg, and 25% belongs to Rikutec, a German manufacturer of plastic and machinery.

As SFR, we offer installation of underground water storage and septic storage and rainwater harvesting systems in addition to package SFR Water technology which purifies the gray water from the bathrooms or toilets and allows them to be used in certain areas.

  • It is also very important to correctly store the water as our life source as well as its use correctly. What are your solutions on storage of water?

You can store your drinking water without any problems thanks to our hygienic, food-grade, long-life polyethylene-made tanks. There is no danger of leakage from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside. It is earthquake resistant. It does not cause odor and it is antifouling. We equip the SFR Waste Water Treatment Systems which are robust, impact resistant, designed according to special needs with mass production logic, striking a wide range of people's fancy from houses of 4 persons to large sites with the appropriate size and various accessories as needed, and put at the disposal of our customers.

The amount of water per capita in our country is 1,500 m³/year. If we estimate that our population will rise to 87 millions in 20 years, it is predicted that this figure will fall to 1,042 m³/year and we will be among the water poor countries.

  • Particularly groundwater storage and rainwater harvesting is one of the most important issues. What do you do in this context?

The amount of water per capita in our country is 1,500 m³/year. If we estimate that our population will rise to 87 millions in 20 years, it is predicted that this figure will fall to 1,042 m³/year and we will be among the water poor countries. It is an extremely striking fact that only 30% of the falling rainwater today, where water is so important, participates in underground waters and the amount of rainwater that can not be utilized is huge. Considering that water prices are also increasing in the direction of the importance of water, the collection, storage and evaluation of rainwater is an extremely effective method in terms of environmental and water resources as well as economic gain.

The rainwater can be collected mainly from roofs, open spaces such as parking areas, roads and drainage pipes around the building/wall. The collected rain water is directed to the rain water filter with the pipes and the filtered water is taken to the storage. Filtered rainwater can be used for purposes such as washing machine, WC reservoir, cleaning work, car wash, garden irrigation.

  • Could you talk about your domestic treatment systems, application areas and features?

Cesspools in which domestic wastewater is stored bring with it many problems. This water melts the storage place over time due to its acidic and basic components and leaks the contaminated water causing it to mix with groundwater. Moreover, these cesspools which can collapse suddenly can lead to loss of property and even life. Former cesspools leave their place to contemporary technology product 100% leak-proof AT 204 septic tanks. The AT-204s which can be buried underground without any isolation can be easily and efficiently discharged thanks to cylindrical structures and smooth inner surfaces. We have a brand new and lasting septic tank or waste water supply station solutions which can be easily used in places where reinforced concrete construction is prohibited, such as site and promenade areas or water basins, and on saline-containing soils as they are close to sea level, can be removed and moved to other areas after temporary applications such as construction site, minimize the odor formation in the cool environment of the underground, can be replaced in a day even in winter.

  • Finally, could you talk about your solutions and applications for the shopping mall projects we have included in this issue?

We offer systems that supply their own water with rainwater harvesting and well water systems and that enable this water to be used as a pool, car wash, fire water, utility water; and and these systems are especially suited to Shopping Centers where consumption is intense. We have undercounter products that we call especially oil interceptors which allow the wastewater to be treated in their own areas for the restaurants and cafeterias located in the food service areas of shopping malls.
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